East River Partners LLC

Our business model has combined the typically bifurcated roles of investment manager and real estate developer into one vertically integrated company. While it’s typical for real estate projects to be developed by a partnership between a local developer and an equity partner, we see advantages for our firm and our partners in combining the two roles.
As investment managers we are intensely focused on the intrinsic value of the properties we invest in.
All of the projects we build are in neighborhoods where new supply is constrained and demand is strong.
Finally, we’re focused on developing projects that are designed with extraordinary attention to detail to create great homes for buyers or renters.

What We Offer:

To home purchasers – ERP builds and sell condominium homes in NYC, primarily in highly desirable neighborhoods in Manhattan and Brooklyn.
To investors – ERP manages an investment fund where it pools together capital from its investors and deploys that capital exclusively into the real estate projects ERP develops.




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Phone : (212) 769-8965

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600 Madison Avenue, 3 FL, NY, NY 10022

Check out our homepage at: www.eastriverpartners.com